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Longest. Meme. Ever.

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1) If edenbabylon and bettydiamond were spliced together, what would be its name? bettybabylon
2) What is rosarosa's favorite food? damn....umm...spanish rice?
3) Could you see the_mighty_twit and ph0enixignition together? No.
4) One quality you find attractive in not_a_sycophant? Smile
5) How many monkeys could mark40e fight at once and win against? At least 40
6) If rosarosa and not_a_sycophant were spliced together, what would it be like? Interesting?
7) What video game does the_mighty_twit remind you of? Pac Man, maybe?
8) Is rosarosa friends with sugarplanet? Don't think so, but they're both in the FLA.
9) Is sugarplanet introverted or extroverted? Tough but I'm going with introverted.
10) How long would mark40e dating bibsss last? Not long at all, heh.
11) What is live2cd's favorite game? Journey the Arcade Game.
12) Is the_mighty_twit athletic? Probably.
13) What do you agree with jennopher about? That Chicago rocks.
14) Is sallytreeis4me an emo? Yes, heh.
15) Where was ph0enixignition born? Whoa, I want to say the Phillipines, I'm probably wrong.
16) Is edenbabylon in a relationship? Heh.
17) Is live2cd 1337? OMG! Totally \m/oo\m/
18) What would you do if sallytreeis4me died? That's a mean question, I don't know, visit Navy Pier?
19) What exotic animal would the_mighty_twit like as a pet? WTF? A dog?
20) Which of your friends should the_mighty_twit go out with? Heh, definitely not bettyD.
21) If ph0enixignition took over the world, who would suffer? Anyone who wanted to.
22) When did you last call the_mighty_twit? Four score and a forthnight ago. Actually never.
23) If not_a_sycophant and bibsss were siamese twins, where would they be joined? Wrists?
24) Would the_mighty_twit go out with edenbabylon? Maybe.
25) Have you ever dated jennopher? Not that I know of.
26) Would the_mighty_twit and bibsss look good together? Probably not, huge height difference heh.
27) What word best describes not_a_sycophant? Active.
28) What planet should rosarosa be from? Venus.
29) Would you ever date sallytreeis4me? No, I like not being in jail.
30) What would you do if you found out ph0enixignition has a crush on you? Get hook ups at Best Buy, hahaha.
31) Does hot4scott have a big secret? YES!
32) Is hot4scott a nerd? YES!
33) If bettydiamond commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? Pirates, a whole friggin' mess of them.
34) Is bettydiamond a high school student? Nope.
35) What mental disorder does live2cd remind you of? Hahahaha. Umm...insomnia, does that count? This doesn't even make sense.
36) Where was the_mighty_twit born? Illinois I think.
37) What is live2cd's biggest flaw? He loves Caviar, either that or his man-crush on Dave Matthews.
38) What song/movie would you recommend to rosarosa? Hmm...I think she'd dig Four Brothers.
39) How would live2cd kill not_a_sycophant? He'd set up a meet and greet with Weezer, then he'd round up his posse, oops I've said too much.
40) Does bettydiamond do drugs? Only rails.
41) Does sugarplanet know mark40e? Probably not.
42) Would the_mighty_twit and not_a_sycophant make a good couple? Possibly.
43) Are the_mighty_twit and edenbabylon going out? Nope.
44) One thing you can't stand about bettydiamond? That's she's so far away. (awwww)
45) If the_mighty_twit was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? The coca-cola kid.
46) Is mark40e single? Who knows? Heh.
47) Does sallytreeis4me have a dog? Does Dewey count? Hahahahaha.
48) Is live2cd your best friend? He's my friend, but no my best. hahaha Teen Girl Squad, anyone? Is this thing on?
49) Does hot4scott go to your school? I wish then maybe I could catch her cutting with her friend Simi with sexy results.
50) How long have you known mark40e? Not sure.
51) Have you flirted with hot4scott? Moi? Never.
52) Does bettydiamond drink? Like a fish. (not really)
53) Do you have bibsss's screenname? Do I!
54) Has sallytreeis4me been to your house/dorm? Nope.
55) Does sallytreeis4me smoke? Only the finest herbs. (actually I don't know)
56) Does the_mighty_twit have a crush on bibsss? Not that I'm aware of.
57) What languages does ph0enixignition speak? English, Tagalog maybe.
58) What rank would edenbabylon have in a giant robot army? Oh she'd be the General.
59) If rosarosa took over the world, who would be happy? Hmmm...Rosa for one. Heh.
60) What comic book character would bibsss be? Kato. Heh.
61) What would not_a_sycophant do differently in your shoes? Less drinking.
62) Which president would sugarplanet be likely to idolize? Lincoln.
63) What would the_mighty_twit think of jennopher? How the hell should I know?
64) Is rosarosa related to you? I hope not. Heh.
65) Would bettydiamond be a better ninja or pirate? Hahahahaaha! PIRATE!
66) What is live2cd's favorite band/artist? Local H!
67) Would you make out with rosarosa? No comment.
68) Do edenbabylon and bettydiamond go to the same school? Nyet.
69) What is edenbabylon's shoe size? ???
70) What is bettydiamond's favorite color? Damn, I should know blue? Pink?
71) Is bettydiamond related to not_a_sycophant? Nope.
72) bibsss's eye color? Brown?
73) What animal should live2cd be combined with? Thundercat.
74) Is sugarplanet popular? Quite.
75) If bibsss were hanging off a cliff, what would mark40e do? He'd rescue her, then charm the hell outta her. With sexy results.
76) What is live2cd's favorite movie? Debbie doe...err The Zion Chornicles?
77) What do you disagree with bettydiamond about? I don't know.
78) What flavor of jello would mark40e be? I don't want to know.
79) Would you set up mark40e and ph0enixignition? Sure why not...actually that'd be interesting.
80) Did jennopher break up with you? Yes, she broke my heart into a gajillion pieces, all because I was wearing a LiveStrong bracelet in Wrigleyville.
81) bibsss's hair color? Black as her heart. I'm juss kiddin'
82) Has bibsss dyed their hair? Their? Maybe?
83) Where did you first meet mark40e? I think you asked me this already.
84) Are the_mighty_twit and edenbabylon going steady? No.
85) Are the_mighty_twit and not_a_sycophant married? No.
86) What would hot4scott give mark40e for his/her birthday? Ah jeez, they're just getting dumber now.
87) Where would bibsss most like to visit? NJ.
88) How would not_a_sycophant conquer the world? She'd start a world conquering street team and just email/call the countries of the world into submission, heh.
89) What color should hot4scott dye their hair? Oooh! Purple bangs! Umm..yeah.
90) Is edenbabylon a college student? Is she?
91) Is rosarosa dead sexy? Drop dead even.
92) How tall is bibsss? Hahahaha. She need a ladder to climb the curb. She's going to kill me now.
93) If the_mighty_twit had a superpower, what would it be? The ability to mute you.
94) Do you have a crush on sallytreeis4me? No damnit! At least not for a few years.
95) What animal does hot4scott remind you of? Heh. No comment.
96) Does hot4scott travel a lot? Kind of.
97) What is bettydiamond allergic to? I sure I don't know.
98) Thoughts on edenbabylon? I could go on all day, but in one word she "annihilates."
99) Would you wrestle sugarplanet in jello? Damn, what's up with her and jello, yes and we even have a flavor.
100) Do you think sallytreeis4me is hot? Are you a cop?
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