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I liked it better when there wasn't anything going on.

First off:

That's one story. The story I heard was that the guy was coming home from work, saw his younger brothers getting the shit kicked out of them by some gang-bangers, and tried breaking up the fight. This cop who happens to be off-duty comes across the fight and shoots the guy in the face.

After getting hit in the head with the club.

I don't know, I wasn't there, but it sounds fishy to me. I know the man's father, he works in the kitchen at school. His son's one of our students. I know everyone says this, but this really is one of the nicest guys I know. He'll toss me an apple or juice whenever he sees me, he comes by to check on his son almost on a daily basis. It's so fucked up. *shakes head* Goes to show you how everything can end in a moment. We're not promised tomorrow.

This afternoon the house two doors down caught on fire. It got pretty hectic, about three trucks, an ambulance and a police car all rolled up. The streets were blocked and there were people everywhere. I should've taken pics but it felt sleazy in some way. I don't know. I couldn't believe that there were about three different window companies giving out business cards and trying to make money off of the fire. Vultures. Then there's the neighbors, the house next door had to be evacuated and everyone ended up on our lawn. Whatever, it's cool but when my cousins came by (for some reason the most random people we're stopping by) they got dirty looks from the neighbors. Yeah so it does look kind of strange, (I've got a cousin who's half-black) but what the fuck. Sometimes I can't believe that people are so ignorant, like the morons in movies. The cheesy bad guys, the mother-in-laws, etc. These people really do exist. Goddamn *******s.

I guess that's about it, it's been a tiring day...

I liked it better when there wasn't anything going on.
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