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F#!$# YOU! GODDAMN MOTHER$@%@#$% STUPID PIECE OF @#$@#! @#!$~!!!!!!


I hate days like these. I hate being angry at everything and nothing all at once. I really hate when I can't shake it off or do anything about said anger. The fact that I can't sleep just makes it worse.


EDIT: "Later that night..."

I felt like I should explain. Work was eh. Practice was eh. Life is eh. I get home tired, sore, etc. and there's not much to eat so I pretty much drink a gallon of Gatorade. Anyway a bunch of little things go wrong, but they all add up. The last straw is that I was looking for my copy of ONG-BAK which I just fuckin' bought and I can't fUCKING FIND IT! Those of you that know me will understand how insane that makes me. However, it's almost midnight's past midnight and I can't very well tear up the house right now so I have to wait until tomorrow. This sucks because I can't sleep thinking about where it is or who fuckin' took it. That and my ten bucks. I lost a ten spot at some point this week. No biggie I know, but it's the principal of the matter, I don't lose shit. Except my mind, that is. So that's been eating at me too.

I'm fucking insane.

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