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I've seriously been sitting here contemplating something for over an hour. I'm truly insane. Do I? But what if? Then should I really? What if? Yeah but still? Is it too late? Too soon? What's the point?

Exactly, what's the point of me thinking, over analyzing, and re-thinking every little thing. The sad thing is that I'm pretty spontaneous most of the time but age seems to have made more cautious. Of course the one person I could probably bounce this off of isn't around. Ugh. It's not that serious I guess.

Anyway my boys got creamed yesterday. We did take in over 200 dollars at the gate but we didn't score until the fourth quarter. Clemente worked us. We've got a LOT of work to do in practice this week. Anyway I saw teachers at the game and when they saw I was coaching they're like that's great or glad to see you doing something. I'm sure they didn't mean anything by it, but it came out wrong. Or did they mean something? God I'm insane.

I guess that's why I love movies, video games, drinking, hahaha. It lets my brain rest, even now as I type this I'm thinking faster than I can type. Faster than anyone can type. I know what I want to write but I'm also thinking about Katrina, the Cubs game, our game next week, what I'm doing tonight, what I'm doing tomorrow, what I'm doing for lunch, did I have a good draft this morning, singing along to Sublime in my head, all this and more at the same time. I wish I had an off switch.


Okay, so anyway, everyone's been quiet around here, or are you just ignoring me, heh. Drop me a line, write me a poem, draw me a picture, something, anything people.

Holla at your boy


PS-anyone want to go to a rooftop party with me tonight. Booze, BBQ, and a great view. Okthxanywaybyebye.

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