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I'm such a tool sometimes.

Anyway, last night was alright. Not the party of the year, but not bad either. Too many people showed up late, some didn't even show and to tell you the truth it wasn't really my crowd. I think the crew as we know it is dead. Just another thing giving in to change. I'm hungover and exhausted. I got a ticket this morning on my way back, it was like four in the morning and I was half asleep, I drove into a roadblock but I didn't have my seatbelt on. So the cop yells at me to put it on so I'm like "OK! Thanks!" and I give him the thumbs up out the window. Cool right? Wrong. Another car pulls up to me tells me to turn around. I'm fucked. I was dead tired and God knows where my license was, I wore these stupid shorts with no pockets so I had my wallet in my bag somewhere. I bust a U-turn and the officer tells me to pull over to the side. For about half a second I considered taking off. Why? I have no idea, but then I saw countless episodes of COPS flash before my eyes, heh. Anyway I'm thinking I could name drop, after all I work for the police at school and I know a lot of the cops in the area, but I just shut up and listen to the instructions. He runs my plates, they come up clean as a whistle and he gives me a ticket for not having my seatbelt on. *sighs* I guess it could have been worse, I take the ticket and ask him how much it is, he says it's like 25 dollars. So it's definitely not the end of the world, I'm just glad I napped a little at Angie's before taking off, heh.

The view from her rooftop is amazing and last night was so beautiful. We got to see the fireworks off of Navy Pier and there was plenty to eat and drink. Unfortunately no on brought anything NON-alcoholic so I had nothing to mix my whiskey with. Needless to say I was a tad hammered at points. Eh, whatta gonna do? I don't know but I think I might chill out with the boozin' for a while. Not that I even drank all summer, but now that school's starting we usually go every Wednesday. We'll see, for one, I'll be busy with football until about six everyday now. (UGH.) Second, the crew's not the crew anymore. People are on some shit and overall it's not the same. Nothing lasts forever I guess. Like I said, we'll see.

In other news, I really miss Gravity Kills. I'm listening to them right now and thinking back to all their shows. Awesome, no one plays with that intensity, save for the H. I don't get it, how people can be fans of music or musicians that don't do anything. You've got to dance, jump around, scream, do something. I don't know, don't mind me I don't know what the hell I'm rambling about. I just miss being able to go crazy at a Gravity Kills show. H better not pack it up anytime soon, God knows what I'll do then.

Well, guess that's about it. Back to hell tomorrow. Until next time.

Same Gil time, same Gil channel.
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