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*shrugs shoulders*

What the fuck. I'm so tired.
Fuck family. They're the ones that are supposed to be there for you, the ones that don't let you down, so why is it that they're the only ones that can make me feel like shit. It's really an amazing thing. When I was younger, I feared my dad, at times I disliked him. However the older I get, he seems to be the only one I even remotely understand. The only one that I can, if nothing else, respect. There's logic behind his ups and downs. The rest of these idiots are just bi-polar.

Or maybe it's just me. I seem to bring out the worst in people.

I'll post something better soon, I'm just exhausted, I'm not used to working 12 hour days anymore, haven't done that in years.

Anyway, smell ya later.

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