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*shakes it off*

I need an organizer. But like a person not an inanimate object, heh. I found my phone, I still think my wallet's in my car, and I can't find my ID. Fuck, I hope my wallet's like not in front of my car in the open where someone can see it and break my shit. Ugh. I'm too distracted as of late, my mind's scatter-brained. This morning I forgot some crap because I was in a hurry. At lunch I forgot my shoes for practice and my water bottle. It's so friggin' hot inside the cafeteria and I had filled up my bottle with ice and ice water, it was sooooo good and I forgot it. I had to race home after school to get my gear and then race back to practice.

Jay I got your message I'm good, hope everything's okay down there.

I still have to hit the bank, Best Buy, and probably Office Depot/Max whichever. At least tomorrow's Friday right? Oh I also got floor tix for Audioslave in November, heh. I still have NIN to look forward to as well, I have to get all my damn dates in line, I'm sure I'm doubling up on crap somewhere down the line. Anyway, guess that's about it, I'll get to a real post at some point, I'll also get around to copying my old journals. Sometime, heh. How the mind works I swear, you know, I find myself thinking about you at the strangest times. During practice, driving, hmm...

I need to write more, I'm getting sloppy.

"Out of life's school of war. What does not destroy me, makes me stronger." - Friedrich Nietzsche

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