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I had it for a second.

Then it was gone.

I think it was at work. Possilbly when the kids were running through their special teams formations, I was looking at the condos going up across the street from us. Right on Ridge, it would take me five minutes to get to work. Part of my epiphany had to do with the beginning of the new year I'm sure. New faces replacing those that have moved on. It's not so bad is it? Thirty, forty years of your life teaching others. There are worse ways to make a living right? It hit me, maybe I could be happy.

buying that condo
marrying that wife
having my 2.5 kids

Maybe. It was like one of those moments where you feel like you've learned the meaning of life, like you're one with the universe, with God. It was an instant and then it was gone.

Then again, maybe I was just out in the sun too long.
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