Gil (fenyx) wrote,


Well I just went thru my earlier entries and I guess there isn't anyting too incriminating in it yet. I was a little paranoid today about losing it...I should just be careful w/it that's all. Anyways James just left and man is he a mack or what...George and Hector were also here...I started to get into it with Hector about shit, I also talked with James about BJ. George is still I guess clueless but I am still ticked off at the world. I haven't seen BJ since his b-day, Marcos since God knows when, Ivet since wed, whatever...smiling girl & fake cornell are also down here...I need to make some changes and I guess that the Norris book will help. I'll tell you what, this school is full of beautiful babies. Anyways I have to have long talks w/all my supposed should suck today...fuck my back is killing me, again. I guess I'll read for a bit...

Gotta go...

Tags: 1, school
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