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I keep thinking about how good that piece was last night and now it's gone. Maybe it was meant to be, somethings might have been taken the wrong way. It was about a few people and no one all at once. I'm friggin' exhausted. I hope tomorrow goes smoothly. I've got a lot of shit to get taken care of, maybe I'll take half a day, but I doubt it. Fuckin' responsibilities. I didn't take tomorrow off so I didn't make it to the H show tonight. I got out of practice about seven anyway. I didn't ditch out early, me and my overwhelming sense of responsibility, hell I'm still having trouble deciding if I'm staying for practice tomorrow. There's no way. I didn't mention it to Bay though, only Washington, ugh.

I'm the oldest 29 year old I know.

It's always been that way, when I was six, when I was 13, when I was 21. I've always felt older than my age. Maybe that's why I vehemently fight the process of growing up. "I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys 'R Us kid...". I've been working for more than half my life now, it's crazy. That's life though.

Anyway, I guess I'll get to bed now, btw if you read this J, I did get your message but never had a chance to call you back, if I get a moment I'll call you tomorrow. Shit as I check my mail now, I have three new messages...ugh. Kris, Steph, and Stine. I should have sucked it up and gone to the show. You only live once you know...but then there's work, the crib, etc.

Like I said, I'm the oldest 29 year old I know.

At least I've got tomorrow...
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