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What the fuck is wrong with me?

I was just talking about it yesterday, I think too much, down time is dangerous to me. I've got to keep myself busy, I guess that's the one good thing about my insane schedule as of late, it keeps me out of trouble. Unfortunately after the game today I had a long walk to an empty home giving me plenty of time to get my wheels spinning. *sighs*

I was in a real good mood earlier, well, good mood. The kids played well, I got my first win as a coach, a couple of us did. We beat Washington 16-6, the only downside was that Washington had two kids leave in ambulances. Hopefully both injures end up being minor, one was a knee, the other was scary looking but might only be a pinched nerve. A "stinger". It was fun and I was proud, the kids were happy, the few fans that came out were happy, and everything was right in the world for a few moments.

Yesterday was fun. Double-edged though, because it pisses me off that I'm too busy to have many nights like that. It sucks getting older. I won a couple of things at the Irish bar we went to before the show and the show itself was good. It wasn't the best show, but it wasn't bad. The shows will improve as the tour moves along, at the very least I'm not too disappointed about missing the Mokena show now. Sometimes I think the best part about the H shows are before and after when I hang out with my peeps. But it ends, like everything else. I have to go home. Go to work. Back to reality. Thank God Stine called me in the morning because I was out cold, my car was gone, so I had to hurry up and get ready. I jumped in a cab and went to work. That's also why I had the lovely walk home. I really should just buy a new car, my brother can have Maureen. She's past her prime anyway, heh. I shouldn't say that, she'll probably breakdown with my luck.

I really should stop reading other people's ljs, they're just as depressing as mine. That's why I'm not a big fan of the depressing dramas, as far as movies go. The real world is depressing enough, why watch things that bring down even further? Speaking of, I should STFU then.
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