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I trying to fight it, but things are starting to fall into place.  Some aren't what I expected, but maybe that's ok.

My kids played well today, I was so proud of them as far as discipline goes, we make stupid mistakes and didn't get too many penalties.  They fought hard and pulled out a win.  8-0.  We shut 'em down.  But damn, what a day.  The bus was not only late picking on the way to the game, but also on the way back.  Not to mention that I didn't have checks for the refs or any linesmen.  Luckily a couple of the kids weren't suited up so they handled the yard sticks and the refs were cool about the checks.  It still was a hell of a day, I dropped off a kid on my way home and ran into some ex-students at 7-11.  Had some dinner, watched Over There and now it's pretty much bedtime.  There just aren't enough hours in the day.  A lot has been on my mind as of late, talking to coach Washington on the way there and back I realized that I wasn't the only one working my ass off.  He's on base from 4 in the morning until the afternoon and then he races to practice with the kids.  We've got games on Saturdays, so he too, only has Sundays off which are usually spent watching the NFL games.  He reworked his whole schedule to help out the team.  He said he's also probably not going to have a girlfriend to worry about soon since he never has anytime to spend with her anymore.  Heh, well at least that's one problem I'm not dealing with at the moment.  As Jay-Hova would say I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one.  Okay.  Moving on.

Then there's some of our students, some of them take three buses to get to school everyday, unreal.  Others have no homes, or have to work a few days a week to help out at home.  In addition to going to school and practice.  Coach O tells them they're winners just by showing up.  It's easy to forget how easy you have it sometimes, but I'm reminded of how shitty life can be on a daily basis.  On one hand it makes you thankful for what you have, but on the other it's depressing to think how unfair the world can be at times.  Which brings me back to why I love this game so much, hell, sports in general.  After that win, just like on Saturday, we were all so happy, from the coaches to the players, to the few spectators, all the way on down.

It's a crappy picture, my camera was in the car, but I snapped one on the phone.  After the game, while waiting for the bus, we were all out there goofying off, throwing the ball around and just having fun.  As much as I love my old HS, I'm starting to become a bulldog, hell I've been at Senn longer now than I was at Mather.

A couple of other things have made me smile this week.  I saw a man helping an old lady cross the street to catch the bus.  Who does that anymore?  That plane landing today was awesome.  With all the bad shit that's been happening as of late I'm glad I could actually see something that wasn't a tragedy on the news for a change.  The Sox's losing, mwahahahaha.  I'm hater, but you know what, I'd probably be pulling for them if it wasn't for their annoying fans.  After all, they are a Chicago team and it's all about hometown around here, regardless of the side of town.  Vivian calling me from the airport, even if it was unexpected, it was a very nice surprise.  Too bad she wasn't here longer.  Oh and coach Washington reassuring one of our kids that'd we'd be around after the season for lifting.  Some of these kids are so used to getting ditched and/or given up on, by their parents, their foster homes, their teachers, friends, etc. that they're not used to someone being around for the long haul.  It made the kid happy and it made me smile.  I also realized that I'm probably not going anywhere anytime soon now.  I've never been much a quitter, and I'm not going to start now, but I'm just not sure that I'm where I'm supposed to be.  I've still got the dream, right?  I can't keep this pace up forever right?  I'm lonely enough as it is at times, this schedule isn't helping. 

Then again, everything happens for a reason and, for the moment, the road I'm taking is as good as any I've taken before.

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