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Stave it off...

God I'm tired. I feel like I was out there playing my damn self. Five OT drives each, in constant rain, puddles of water, mud everywhere. That's football weather. We played to a 0-0 tie through regulation and in the OT we scored everytime they did, we just fell a bit short on that last drive. It was amazing though, the kids showed a lot of heart, it was definitely one for the ages. We ended up having to strip off most of our clothes to get back in the school, who knew I'd ever be walking barefoot around work, heh. Hopefully the Varsity team can get 'em for us on Friday. Homecoming should be interesting. Pep Rally, the Game, the dance, and then who knows. It's going to be a loooong weekend.

Over There is still kickin' ass, I really like that show. Can't wait for The Shield to start up again. Crap, I just the Roboraptor or something like that on TV. Of course I want it now. Just like my damn Robosapien which I never use, I'm such a consumer. Anyway just these few lines have been taxing. I'd tell you that I'll write more at a later date, but there's really not much else going on, other than work. It's all work, practice, games, and sleep. Gil's a dull boy as of late.

I'll hit y'all later.

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