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*Insert witty subject title here*

I need to get to bed.  Not much has changed from yesterday.  Another day, another dollar.  I guess my raise kicked in at work.  Umm..yay?  A whopping 3%, next round's on me.  Pfft.  However, with the coach pay and the ASM pay I should have a decent couple of months coming up.  Then again, here come those holidays. 

Suffering is caused by desire.

Yeah, I know.  Eliminate desire and you eliminate suffering.  I'm working on it.  I'm tired.  Three more weeks.  Hmm...I'm at a crossroads, when aren't I?  Should I stay or should I go?  What the hell am I even talking about at this point?  Does it even matter?  Sorry, stream of consciousness...or something.  I should go to bed now, I'll try to be more coherent tomorrow, but I promise nothing.

I wish I was Meatwad, he gets the honeys.


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