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The Lord works in mysterious ways...

So, I was in an amazing mood earlier. You know that feeling, similiar to being in love, kind of like finding something you lost a long time ago, close to pride maybe? Accomplishment? Relief? Bear with me here because I'm not used to these positive feelings so I'm not good as describing them. Hahaha. I kid, but seriously, I was flying high earlier. Let me start at the beginning.

Yesterday's practice was quite discouraging, half of our line wasn't present and the ones that were weren't playing very well. We got a few practices in and implemented the diamond formation. Things weren't looking good. This morning Brandon shows up and I know that at the very least the line will be okay. I go through the rest of the day, which kind of sucked because the office was so busy and the workload is beginning to fall on me more and more everyday. But I digress, by the time school ended and we started getting ready for the game, everything seemed to be falling into place. James even showed up, and while he hadn't been to practice all week, I had a feeling we were going to need him. I was right.

We get to the game which was scheduled to be played in Warren Park, my backyard pretty much, and it was against our rivals, Sullivan High School. Senn's rivals and one of my rivals at Mather. Their coach was also an ex-coach from our school and Sullivan's also pretty much down the street. The game starts and we march down the field for a touchdown. We get the ball back on offense and after a few plays our QB runs a bootleg to our sideline and gets hit hard. I could tell his arm was broken right away. He toughed it out and we got him off the field but he was hurting something fierce. His forearm had broken on the play, not sure if he fell on it or if it was from the hit, but we had to get an ambulance.

Meanwhile the team lost it's heart. They got a bit scared, understandably, but we started getting slammed on the field. We really didn't have a back up QB, and Frank was the only one who knew all my plays. We make it to halftime but on the kickoff we give up a touchdown, we also got a questionable call on the play, blocking in the back, but whatever. A conversion later, and we're down 8-6. The score remained like this well into the fourth quarter. However little by little, and after some encouraging words from Coach Amos and the sideline, the Bulldogs regained their confidence.

Out of the diamond, we ran basically two plays. A QB keeper behind the trips left/right and a sneak up the middle, Bruce(Frank's cousin incidentally) stepped up and took control. We also used James a great deal and eventhough he made another bad play for a ten yard penalty, he was instrumental in keeping the guys spirits up. Late in the fourth we ran another keeper to the one yard line, on the next play Bruce snuck it in. But we weren't out of the woods yet.

Sullivan still had a couple of minutes left and they had a great return on the ensuing kickoff. We stopped three consecutive plays and on fourth down we intercepted the ball around mid-field. A couple of runs to run down the clock and the final score finds the Senn Bulldogs victorious 12 to 8.

Just like in the Mud Bowl, if nothing else my boys have heart.

On the ride home after the game I was feeling good, Sublime and Gorillaz came on the radio, and every light seemed to turn green just for me. Eventhough the world around me was trying to bring me down, I kept on truckin'. I also just got home and found out that I will get the "prizes" for the Halloween Bash here on time. Mwahahaha. Oh btw, you're all invited. It's on the Southside, October 29th. I know there's an H show in Valpo, but we've been planning this for way longer. Sucks, but whatta ya gonna do? Details will follow but it's going to be a blast, prizes for best costume, games, booze, pool, foosball, slot machines, darts, something for everyone!

I guess that's about it for now, I'm psyched, excited about Halloween, and in a great mood. I'll get to bed before anything ruins it. ;)


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