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Seriously, the party coming up is going to rock. We've worked really hard on it, invited a shitload of people and have put flyers out, heh. Don't mind me I'm kinda hammered, but it's been a while. I needed it, all D and I kept thinking about was the party, heh. We're like kids, but it's going to be historic, I gar-rant-teeee. Like I was mentioning before halloween through the end of the year is going to be a blur. Starting this week...

saturday football end of year bbq then saturday night Toni's party
sunday julies housewarming
saturday D and G's party
sunday Halloween Double Door
november - Seether/Audioslave, flower15 with a personalized setlist, more parties, thanxgiving
dec-brfthday parties, h shows, Xmas eve, Xmas day, NYE local H...

Anyway, it should be fun. Gotta have it while I'm young I guess...we were also talking women as well, and that's always a bad topic, ahahah. I actually hollered at a new girl at work, but we'll see where that goes. The peeps I'm interested ain't available anyway, eh maubye I'll come up at one of the parties whatever. OG! Original Gilsta...umm yeah. It'll be cool if the Mullen's girls show up though, hell if only half the people we invited show up it'll still be hot. Now waiting is the hardest part...alright I'm going to bed while I'm still buzzed...


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