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My ankle's still f'ed up, I guess I didn't post that I sprained it, biggie. I'm quite accustomed to pain... Anyway, not much to write about, I guess I need to get to bed. The stupid thing I did (in case anyone cared...pfft) was that I agreed to coach wrestling. So, monday it's back to the grind after school, so much for having more time. It's all good, it's more money in my pocket, defenitely not as involved as football, and it'll keep me out of trouble. I guess. Anyway, end of season bbq tomorrow, then possibly off to a lil' soiree. I'm not feeling it though, any of it. A part of me just wants to crawl into bed and stay there until monday. Oh then there's all the games going on this weekend, busy, busy, busy.

On my way downtown tonight I saw a black cat barely make it across Lake Shore Drive. God knows how he got there and if he'll make it back across if he tries. For an instant, eventhough I was traveling over sixty miles an hour, I thought of stopping and trying to save it. It's not going to make it, I see roadkill on LSD all the time. I really did envision myself stopping, getting out, and somehow luring this unlucky black bastard into my jeep. With my luck, not to mention the cat's, this is what would have most likely happened.

"Here kitty, kitty."
Cat races into traffic and is immediately crush by an SUV.
Gil cleans remains off his clothing.

So I kept on keeping on, but on the return trip I slowed down in the vicinity of the cat's last appearance. No roadkill. No bloodsplatter.

The lucky bastard might have made it.

Maybe I will too.
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