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I've been meaning to jump on here all day. I know I had something somewhat meaningful to write about. Goddamnit! Got too wrapped in watching sports on TV as usual. Didn't make it to Julie's so I'm sure they'll be hell to pay tomorrow. Bears won, and the Sox were winning and now it's anyone's ballgame. Weather's been shit, just how I like it. Oh, I didn't win the H setlist auction but it's all good since I spoke to Todd this morning and it wouldn't look like we'd get Ham Fisted all the way through anyway. I'm not sure if I'll make it to that show, seeing as it's during the week. Hell, I'm second guessing Audioslave as well. What the hell is wrong with me? Oh and I was looking for old ticket stubs along with some other shit and sure enough I got distracted looking at old pictures and journals. I have to remember.... (HOLY SHIT! Podsednik just went yard to win Game 2!!!) Ahem, as I was saying, er...writing, I have to remember to copy my old journals into LJ. I also have a few lil' scraps lying around I should collect. Anyway I never did find what I was looking for but I (un)fortunately found a lot of other crap. I don't understand why people make so many connections, just to lose them, why people are temporarily in your lives, and then they're gone. It's not fair. I don't know if it's even worth it, would you miss someone you never met?

Turn off the lights, turn up your speakers and go here:

Heh, sorry I'm all over the place, did I mention the Bears won? D was actually at the game. Party's next week, yay. Man I'm getting old, I wish the scanner was up, I'd scan some of the old pics I came across. I used to be pretty damn sexy, hahaha. Umm...yeah. There's a lot of crap I need to get done. One thing at a time right, baby steps, attack those who are coming at you first.

Words. I hope you're okay down there in the F-L-A.

~Gil "Money" Noriega

PS-Oh yeah, Jordan was on 60 minutes, he's forty-two now, unbelievable how fast time flies. If I had the fifteen grand I'd pay to play with him too. Those were the days, I still can't beleive Reinsdorf said he'd trade all the Bulls trophies for one World Series. I guess, baseball is the National Pastime, still though, we were Untouchable. That reminds me, I also came across the movie posters Pat used to make. He'd photoshop us unto movie posters/cover boxes from work. Time flies man...

PPS-I just remembered what I wanted to touch on, I read the treatment for Freddy V. Jason V. Ash and it sounded like it would have kicked so much ass. Okay I'm done now, I promise.

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