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There just isn't enough f'ing time in the world. I needed to finish up my proposal/contract tonight, and then send out a couple of bills, and if I had time work on flyers/posters for class. Goddamnit. I need to get to bed it's almost 11 and I haven't done a thing. There's always tomorrow I guess. I drove to Portage Park today, D and I hit the Fantasy HQ. He bought a few more things for Saturday, I almost bought another costume but ultimately decided it was in bad taste...don't ask. On the way there we drove west on Irving Park, passing Independence Park, Revere Park, Horner Park, the old Rave spot...memories. Am I dying? Heh, I feel like everything is so, I don't retrospective or something as of late. I also saw something either on the net or in the paper about people getting older and how sports related injuries are on the rise in the country. You have to realize you can't do what you could when you were twenty. It got me thinking about my damn ankle and how I'm getting older too, it fucking sucks. That's the good thing about my job, it keeps me young, God knows how I'd feel if I did something else for a living.

Anyway, I raced home, went to the couzo's birthday party and then drove my little cousins home. It kind of sucks. I feel pretty bad for the youngest, the older one is okay, he's in HS so he's old enough to know what the situation is. But the killed me dropping them off tonight to an empty home because mom has to work and dad doesn't live with them. I know it happens to lots of people all over but it's not fair. She deserves a mommy and daddy.


I wish there was more I could do. For them, for the kids at work, for my friends, for you. I'm just as resigned to my fate as the rest of the world I guess. Maybe I'll go to bed tonight, and tomorrow I'll awake to find everything is okay.

It could happen.

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