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The game's on the line but I've got to jump on here for a sec at the very least. Today was another busy day, I had the ASM program today about nine kids showed up. Eh. Finished the paperwork which I needed filled ASAP so I can actually get paid, so I guess those checks will be delayed some, eh. I'm used to it, besides money delayed is money I won't spend foolishly. Oh, funny that Gracie was saying everyone loves me yesterday and how I told her that I've tried to be an asshole before but it's just not in me. Anyway today at work some security guard left her post early and got reamed for it. She tried throwing my name in the mix saying that I had it, that I was covering it for her. It was a frustrating day and that lit me up. I was ready to tear into her but I ultimately ignored her and the situation. Why get into it, especially with the new principal. I know myself and my latin temper, it takes a lot to get me heated but when I do, watch out. Anyway, I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow, a part of me feels like I punked out though, that I should have confronted her. Eh, I need someone to play bad cop to my good cop. I'm the same way with the kids. What else? I did get a lot of crap done today, I got home a little early, well, earlier than usual. It allowed me to actually watch a little tv, pay some bills, check some crap online, and enjoy the game. Which is still going on, heh. I guess that's about it. Florida, you're in my thoughts, tomorrow is Mullen's, you're all invited, see you there.

~Gilly the Kid

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