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I'm feeling pretty good right now. Proud even. What I'd do, nothing really, but I'm proud to be a Chicagoan and proud to be Latino. Heh. What a way to start the game off with the Latino Legends team, fuckin' Pudge, Rod Carew, Edgar Martinez, etc. Then what a fuckin' game. Now I'm watching Frank Thomas get drenched by El Duque and although he's been hurt, I'm happy for him. If anyone deserves one it's him. Ozzie's talking about taking the trophy to Venezuela. The city's going nuts. The Sox won every game but one during the playoff, it had it all, pitching duels, grand slams, walkoff homers, controversy, defense, what a catch by Uribe. I watched the game at Mullen's, Marco, Gary, Omar, D, Caesar, Davye, a few people dissed but it's all good! Fuck, I really need to get to bed but what a day, what a night, and the weekend should be even better.

It feels so fuckin' good to be alive on days like these.

Much love,

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