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Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me!

Last night is exactly what I needed. Fuck. It's like I know that I'm going to feel great during a show and that it is totally worth the hassle, espeically at UIC which is practically 25 minutes away, but I'm still so lazy about shows at times. Anyway, Audioslave rocked last night, but Seether and 30 Seconds to Mars weren't bad either. Seether played their staples, Fine Again, Remedy, an acoustic version of Broken, all good stuff. Interesting set as well. Crap, I just lost something I needed for work today. This is my life I can't ever be in a good mood you know. Fuckin' bullshit, God forbid I'm ever in a good space or let alone happy because someone or something always has to bring me the fuck down. Whatever.

EDIT: (11 AM) Let me explain. I hate that it sounds like I'm fuckin' bitching which is what it seems like half the time on this thing. Wait, who am I even talking to? Like anyone reads this crap, so where was I? As some of you may know I'm always going 100 MPH and it sucks. At work, at practice, after school programs, doing shit at home, trying to jump on here, so when I have things to do or work related stuff I jot it down on a piece of paper and throw it in my pocket. I do this all day long sometimes, when I have the time I condense several things onto one piece of paper. Things to do, things to buy, people I need to talk to, issues with kids, etc. So this morning I realized my list(s) were in my pants. Which were at the time getting washed. Yay. I kind of lost it. Why? I have no idea, I should be used to how my life goes. I'm in a great mood, something happens. I'm working out, feeling great, I sprain or pull something. I meet a girl, she's perfect, she's got a boyfriend, or married, or gay. Or all of the above. Anyway, as usual I'm in a hurry, I've got to be at work in a little bit and I'm not even ready. Grrr.... anyway let me get back to the show.

30 Seconds to Mars, not bad, actually I almost forgot on one song, Pete from Chevelle came out and sang, it was pretty kick ass. On to Seether, as I said, they played their staples, they also covered Walk by Pantera briefly. They did a little tribute to Dimebag and Wade (I believe) the singer from Drowning Pool. I took pics with my camera phone but they're ehh...

Seether finishes up and after what seemed to be an eternity, Mary Morello comes out and says "Are you ready for the best fucking band in the world!" The curtain drops and they start off with Your Time Has Come. Then Set It Off, Doesn't Remind Me, Out of Exile and he gives a little speech about something that is easy to sing but not to do. Apparently hard to say as well since he like mumbles it, and busts into Be Yourself. After the song he says that we're going to visit the past and something about how the kids in front were probably kids when these songs came out. The Soundgarden logo drops in the background and goes into Spoon Man then Hungerstrike!!! Fuckin' awesome, busting out the Temple of the Dog. Brad, the drummer did a lot of the vocals on it, with Chris pretty much doing the "I'm going hungry" parts. More than a few songs were sing-a-long songs with the audience at least parts of them were. That was followed by The Worm then Like a Stone, and a new Song. Ray Gun or Sound of a Gun or something. Now the crowd starts getting loud as the Red Star drops in the background. Fuckin' time for some RATM! Bulls on Parade instrumental with Cornell offstage, he returns to sing Sleep Now in the Fire and Testify! Everything comes down and they finish with Slaves and Bulldozers and Shadow on the Sun. The bands leaves for a few and from the shadows Cornell emerges alone with his acoustic guitar for the encore.

Solo acoustics of Black Hole Sun, amazing as usual, and then after looking for the singer of Seether he busts into Redemption Song. Holy Christ, was it great. I'd pay to see a solo acoustic Cornell tour, no doubt about it. He does one more song alone, Getaway car and then half of I Am the Highway before the rest of the band joins in. Show Me How to Live follows that and then they bust into KILLING IN THE NAME! The UIC Pavillion goes nuts but I must say that I think the Aragon went crazier. The band finishes with Cochise, the one that started it all.

All in all, I have to say it was an awesome night, hopefully today will be even better. Now...if I can get through these next six hours or so without going apeshit on someone...


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