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Bah Humbug!

Fine, I'll keep writing. It's probably the only thing that has kept going thus far anyway. I did a little shopping yesterday, and umm drinking, but I was in early. Probably because I started early, but I digress. Only person left is my mom, always have a tough time finding that one. Not getting too many people gifts this year, I think the word around the campfire is that everyone's broke, as am I. Last I checked we were the most affluent country right? So how come everyone I know is broke? I didn't even have time to send out Xmas cards this year, I mean the spirit is barely hitting me now, and it's almost too late. That's the nice thing about email I guess...

Speaking of money, I haven't bought anything lately, but I can't stop friggin' browsing I-tunes! For Christ's sakes I was considering buying a shitload of Phil Collins this morning! Not that there's anything wrong with Phil Collins, he's a PIMP Miami Vice style and shit, but there's got to be tons of stuff I need before that...although...

Sorry about the lapse in writing, but I haven't been feeling it, been dealing with a lot of crap, both here and there. Guess we all have to just hang in there, try your best, and deal with things as they come. Attack those who attack first, meet them head on. Remember you only hit what you aim for.

Anyway, I still have some things to set up here, everyone's coming over for Christmas lots to do, but I'll check in later. Thanks for the support everyone, you know who you are. Merry Christmas jerks.

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