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Ugh, once again it's already late and I'm out of time. There are a bunch of things I wanted to touch on. The masquerade party for one, I had a phantom of the opera mask and I picked a "eyes wide shut" one for D. We were pimping as per usual. Most of the crew showed up, but it just isn't the same anymore. There was a long drive, a bonfire, which was entertaining because we started using chairs, cue sticks, lumber, anything we could find to keep it going. At one point a few stuffed animals made their way into Miguel's fire, it was cleansing, I guess they were from exes and shit. I'm going to have to try that. Bruce Lee had this thing he did, he would imagine all his problems, imagine writing them on a piece of paper and then burning them. Chuck Norris took it a step further and actually did it. It helps clear your mind, I guess. Not that I'd know what a clear mind feels like. Anyway, good food, good drinks, it was an ok time. I don't know, I guess if I don't come up or get trashed the night is just not that fulfilling. Mel said (half-kidding) that I can't get drunk anymore. Hmm...I'm a big guy, and my blood runs thick with Mexican and Irish blood, so I'm naturally resistant to alcohol, right? Ugh, some of you must think I'm an alkie. I really only drink twice a week if that. Anyway, I'm bouncing a couple of things in my head.

They're not going to happen.

However, I am working on a scheme to get an HD big screen. Anyone have two grand lying around they don't need? Do I really want to cash some savings bonds, heh. I mean I've got the X-Box 360 covered, and I'm pretty much out of debt now, do I want to jump back in? What about a car, a house, ugh. Too many grown up questions, I want to be a child again. I need the HDTV, heh. I swear I'm not materialistic, I just like being entertained and not falling too behind the technological curve. Or something like that.

I should just get to bed. The crew should be hitting Mullen's tomorrow. I know I'll be needing a drink.

Or ten.


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