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Let me explain how s-m-r-t I am. I've already got the 360 reserved for Monday at midnight. It's going to be about $600 between my brother and I, no biggie. However, yesterday I was in there with my cousin and my brother and we were playing/watching it on an HDTV. I've been obsessed ever since then and basically reasearching HDTV, tuners, HD-ready v. HR-Installed, viewing distances, formats, aspect ratios, etc. Anyway, I settled on one from Dell, a 32 inch beauty. Unfortunately my Dell Card didn't have enough credit available eventhough its clean, my limit is lower than the price of the set. Long story short I decided I would try overpaying my card figuring I'd get a credit on my account. Right? Like when you send your credit cards too much money, they usually give you a credit right? Now I don't know what happened. My credit limit with Dell is the same. My bank account hasn't changed. So what, if anything happened? Just another day in the life of the G-I-L. Other than that, I didn't make it to Mullen's today, but I did watch five of my season 2 Scrubs episodes and tonight's Lost. I love you Michelle Rodriguez, I know you're reading. Heh. Guess that's about it, I'm going to hit the hay. The most amusing thing of it all is that last night I couldn't sleep until I found my Best Buy rewards card, which is basically useless and tonight I'll probably sleep like a baby knowing that hundreds of my dollars might be floating around.

I'm insane.


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