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Bored on a Friday night...

The Random Question Meme!

An array of completely random questions about my friends!

What is bettydiamond's favorite movie?
Fight Club! Maybe? Probably not, but I know she likes it and it is one of mine so there :p
What do you most envy about the_mighty_twit?
Hmmm, the fact that he's mighty. And taller than me, grrrr...oh and I guess his girlfriend's pretty cool.
What does shewillawake think of America's involvement in Iraq?
Heh. I'm pretty sure she's against it. And stuff. Oh and she thinks W is a complete tool.
Will axaria ever amount to anything?
She already has :)
Can bibsss raise the dead to perform common household tasks?
Hahahaha. Yes. Yes she can. As a matter of fact she may have even resurrected me on occasion.
What does sallytreeis4me look for in a significant other?
Umm, good taste in music?
What would you most like to do with hot4scott?

No comment.
Does live2cd spend too much time on LiveJournal?
No, he spends too much time at Harry Potter movies, hahahaha.
It's all fuzzandfeedback's fault, isn't it?
No, actually it's mine. It always is.
What would your life be like if you had never met jan_fire_fly?
Umm...pretty much the same I guess. *shrugs shoudlers*
If circadian_shots and localkitten were superheroes, which one would be the sidekick?
Kitten, she'd be the sexy sidekick.
What happened the last time you and dragthelake___ were hanging out together?
We umm...dragged...ummm...the lake.
Who would win in a fight between dj_macy and rosarosa?
Hmmm...tough one, but I think Jeannie would win out.
What is the strangest thing edenbabylon has ever said to you?
Hahahahahaha. I'll say annihilate.
Can ph0enixignition do a headstand?
I'm sure she could, and I wouldn't mind watching it.
In what ways is sugarplanet smarter than you?
In what ways isn't she?
Does eeecho_42 understand quantum chromodynamics?
I wouldn't be surprised if he did.
When was the last time you talked to jennopher?
Talked talked? Never, but she just IM'ed me to make fun of the fact I was listening to U Can't Touch This...umm I mean, classical music.
Why did kisschick1976 cross the road?
To kiss the chick on the other side?
What fictional character is not_a_sycophant most like?
Mary Poppins. Don't ask me why.

This is by heptadecagram. You can find your own completely random questions here.

Do you feel enlightened now?

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