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Christmas Eve Eve

Whatever...well we got most of the things that needed to be moved, moved. More importantly I got myself a bottle of Jack...woot! Big day tomorrow, might still try to sneak out and get one more gift...maybe. I don't know, who knows. God it's like I get less and less excited every year, kinda depressing.

Anyway, today wasn't really all that bad. Just saw someone I hadn't seen in game for a long time, really missed her. Played some Madden, had a few beers, no drama really. Talked to mija for a few earlier, talked to some people, the only blemish, sort of, but not really was this little incident.

My brother and I were on a beer run to get more booze for tomorrow. Now mind you I've lived in Rogers Park my whole life so needless to say I run into lots of people. On the way to the Jeep I ran into a real old friend of mine. I mean I grew up with this cat, we go way back, literally over 15 years, and I totally blew him off. I just said what's up and kept walking. Even my brother was like WTF? I don't know, I mean fuck it, haven't talked to him in a long ass time, he didn't even invite me to his wedding, and at one point I probably considered him to be my best friend. I hate using that term now, it seems I always end up on bad terms with my best friends. Anyway, this brings up a lot of topics, best friends for one, another is that I think that as much as people want to be assimilated, or cherish diversity, or whatever. In the end, most people fall back into old habits, and are most comfortable with their peeps, their "own kind" as some would say.

Now mind you, before I get called names and ish, I'm not talking about myself, but I've seen it. I have/had friends that slowly starting only hanging out, only dating within their own ethnicity. I don't think one should be exclusive or predjudice, but neither did they. I think I'm rambling again. Anyway, I think it sucks.

I really have to mail out like crazy emails tomorrow morning and make some calls, I'm bad about keeping up with people sometimes. It's a wonder I have friends at all, and btw, those of you whom I consider to be friends, and how would have me as theirs...thank you. Merry Christmas, and I sincerely hope you all have a better 2004, and I really want all your dreams, goals, aspirations, all of them to come true.

That's about all the spirit you're going to get from me at this point. But I mean every word.

And don't call someone your best friend, because you're just fawking jinxing it.

G'nite one and all

PS-don't look at what I'm listening to, lol. :P

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