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"We could all be reading a book right now."

The Boondocks is probably my favorite cartoon at the moment.  That doesn't sound right, Boondocks are my favorite cartoon?  Whatever the hell they are, they're better than Family Guy, Simpsons, King of the Hill and American Dad at the moment.  The guy that writes/draws them is also from the Windy City.  Anyway, where was I?  I guess I'll be quick about it, since I'm rapidly running out of time, it's back to the early morning BS tomorrow.  Ugh.  This five in the morning shit is for the birds.  I'm having trouble seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  What happened?  This week had so much promise.  The Bears won on Sunday, a quick day at work on Monday, then the X-Box 360 adventure.  It really was an adventure getting on, staking out Best Buys, making connections, cruising around the suburbs, finally walking out of Best Buy with the first one and then staying up all night and morning playing it.  I didn't go to work on Tuesday but I did show up to the game after school, heh.  We whupped on the kids 49-21.  All that talk, all those teenagers and seven old guys beat them.  For once I didn't feel as bad, or as old as I feel at times.  Umm..yeah.  Whatever that means.  A few of us hit the Pumping Company after the game and I then headed home for the night.  Wednesday was a looooong day at work.  I felt like a caged animal, just wanting to escape.  The day eventually ended and we all met up at Mullen's.  We actually hooked up with a few girls but they were so damn young.  Billie was there and some friend of hers was being very obnoxious.  It didn't help that I was drinking rum, heh.  The night actually ended pretty early and I hit the X-Box for a while before going to bed.  Thanksgiving was...frustrating.  We were all at our aunt's and her kids were acting like douche-bags.  (If by chance you're reading this, you were)  One of them wouldn't turn off Call of Duty, he had it at full volume while we were trying to watch the game.  Another wouldn't move to help my aunt out, he then was the first to hit the table, he ate before anyone else.  It's really frustrating because I deal with ignorant, uneducated people at work all day (adults and children) and it's really depressing and aggravating to have to deal with that shit in the fam.  I really didn't eat, and when I finally got up to, most of the food was gone.  There were just too many of us.  People who really didn't belong there were invited (not to sound greedy or whatever, but because of inner family BS and people not getting along, etc.) and just made things uncomfortable for everyone.  I cut out early with my brother and some of my cousins using the 360 as an excuse.  I know everyone has fucked up shit going on in their own families but it still isn't fun.  Usually it's okay, this year was just blah...

I guess that pretty much set the tone for the rest of my weekend.  Actually, I don't think I've left the house since.  Can you say agoraphobia?  That's actually not funny, if it weren't for concerts I'd never be in crowds, I can't stand them.  Umm...anyway.  Friday I spent bumming around and playing the 360.  Saturday I had planned on going to the Local H show in West Dundee but I just couldn't motivate myself to go.  Eventhough most of the H'ers were going to be there.  I suck, I know.  I was just dreading the long drive all by my lonesome.  I should be used to it, but it sucks doing everything solo.  Just this morning for the first half of the game, I was here at home all alone in front of the HDTV watching the Bears kick ass, screaming at the top of my lungs until I looked around and realized how alone I was.  Eh.  So yeah, I ended up watching Office Space Saturday night and an SNL rerun.  I love Office Space.  That's my dream too, no not the two girls, although that would be schweet, heh.  I meant the whole "doing nothing" dream.  Yeah.  Sunday, was pretty much spent catching up on bills and shit, when I wasn't watching the Bears/Bucs, Packers/Eagles, and Giants/Seahawks games.  Oh and the FOX shows.  So I pretty much vegged in front of the TV. (Bears won again, btw.) Now I'm here laying it all down on the page.

Until next time,

Same Gil time, same Gil channel.

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