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This Holiday PC crap is getting out of control. "Holiday Tree"? It's Christmas. Get over it. Miggy had a "mild" heart attack. What the hell is that? Just like Rangel's by-pass in the summer. Thing is, Migs is relatively my age. It's scary to think about. Friday was insane. They blocked off the streets at work due to a threat. I guess they took it pretty seriously since the place was crawling with cops, tac teams, undercovers. I was gone before anything went down anyway. The wrestling situation might be resolved, but at this point I'm ambivalent about the whole thing. Extra cash is nice but I'm tired of being at work all the time. Fuck that place. I also got a letter about my "tardiness". Eventhough I can't get into the building sometimes and I'm sure most of my tardies are only a minute or two past my starting time. Whatever. Didn't make it to H on Friday, Dad's birthday. We also had people over all day yesterday. He was freaking me out on Friday, I don't rememeber the exact conversation, but it did involve his/our mortality. Birthdays suck. Anything else? I'm sure I'm missing something or other, hence these are only notes. Umm..yeah. This sucked, it probably calls for a meme or something. Eh.

Oh yeah! Bears win again beeotch!

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