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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Actually, it kind of sucks since I just got home a little while ago and I had to park a county away. It's the worst I've seen in quite a while, for some reason eventhough it's not the most I've seen, it has been the most chaotic. Maybe because of the time it came down. When it's earlier in the day people are working or overnight the trucks have more time to get out there. Today it was just brutal.

I'm going to get home later.
Leave for work earlier.
Shovel snow.
Clean it off my Jeep.
Drive behind, next to, and ahead of idiots.
And a whole lot more, but you know what? I really don't mind. I love the snow.

I love the snow.
It makes me smile.
I think I'll drive in it,
for another mile.

My baby is pretty awesome in it. Days like these make up for the forty-dollar fill ups and the 10 MPG it gets, heh. Four-wheelin'!
I should have taken pics, eh. Maybe tomorrow.


The only thing that's sucked so far is that a kid died in that plane crash tonight.,1,5533660.story?coll=chi-news-hed

I don't know sometimes, that guy yesterday too, I don't blame the guys for doing their jobs, it's just a fucked up world we live in sometimes. Well, I don't want to bring anyone down or end this on a sad note so how shall I end this? Oh real quick, I applied for a stats job with the Cubs and Sox today (again) and my brother signed up for the police exam. I'm considering doing it as well. I went to Mullen's last night with some of the crew and I had a pretty mind-blowing conversation with Angie. I won't get into it at the moment since I've got to get to bed, but it made me think. Even if it was only for a while. So, gotta go out on a positive note...hmm.

I've got nothing.

Leave me happy comments I guess.


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