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I've had a headache all day. That class I'm taking for my ASEP certification is booooring. Easy though. School's always been pretty easy for me, with the exception of math. That shit always f'ed with my head.

I got into an argument with my dad. We do it all the time so no biggie, but he started asking me things about OSHA laws and crap. While I'm somewhat knowledgable about the law, I don't know everything. He kind of teased/insulted me about it and told me "I should know". Part of the debate was whether or not an employer can force you to work about 18 hours straight. Knowing full well that my dad at times my father has had to work those kind of hours, I said "You'd have to be an idiot to work those kind of hours." It definitely got to him, of course seeing I made contact I keep going on about how you could avoid it by going to school, getting a better job, etc. This was after we had a huge debate about the welfare system and how generations of families abuse it, etc. Most people talk about their days, or sports, right? Anyway, he was obviously pissed off/annoyed and started ripping on me and how video games are a waste of time. (one of his constant arguments since childhood) He also said that I called him an idiot, which I never did out and out, it was assumed, heh. Anyway, I'm feeling kind of bad about it now, but I'm not apologizing. Especially since he said there were plenty of things he could say, which he's threatened before but this time I called his bluff. I told him to go ahead. I don't care at this point. What's he going to say, I never finished school? I'm a loser? Hurt my self-esteem? Hate to break it to him but it's been low for a long time now. I don't know, I'm rambling. Anyway, I feel like apologizing, but it's not going to happen. *sighs* What to do, what to do?

I'm tired.

Maybe more later.


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