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Hurry.  What was the last thing I wrote?  Monday the class, right?  It's been a long week.  Did the usual Wednesday deal last night, except it was just D and I.  I was on fire on the pool table.  Today was long as hell, we rode all the way over to the southside just to get whupped by Fenger and Washington.  One kid quit on us as well.  Whatever.  Kids have no heart these days.  One of my X-Mas orders also came in today and the gift glass was fine but mine was broken.  Story of my life.  Glass isn't half empty or half full, it's broken and here's the proof.


It's kind of hard to see, anyway I bought my brother a Pimp Cup, Lil' Jon style, and I got one with Fenyx on it for me and of course, it's broken.  I emailed them and I guess I'll see what happens.  The only good thing that happened today is that LJ gave me an early X-mas present of 10GB of space!  Sweet.  I'll probably get my damn photojournal up and running come new year.  We'll see.  It's kind of a bummer to work on my website, my photojournal, hell my regular journal and not get that many hits.  I mean, at least with LJ, it's mostly for your own reading but the others are sort of meant for audiences.  Maybe.  I guess.  Ok rambling now.  Well, only a few more presents to go, and about a week left of work.  Sweet.  Also found out we have a tournament over break, on the 28th and 29th so I guess I won't have as much time off as expected.  Whatta ya gonna do?  Also got a couple of Christmas cards this week.  Some are very sweet, some are...bittersweet.  I don't know.  I'm thinking too much again.  I'm going to bed, exhausted as usual, I'll try to elaborate when I'm more coherent.


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