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Ho, ho, ho.

I should be more "UP" than I am.

Christmas went well.  Everyone got me clothing, with the exception of my sister.  My aunt got me that Silent Bob Speaks book, I think that's it.  I should get through that pretty quickly.  There's still a lot to clean up around here.  The Bears clinched the North, guess I couldn't have asked for a cooler Christmas present.  In Lambeau field, no less, heh.  Favre is still the man though.  I ended up getting myself a 7.1 sound system for the living room.  It f'ing rocks.  The living room is pretty much complete.  Sitting in the "sweet spot" playing Perfect Dark Zero, it doesn't get any better.

I'm such a nerd.

Family gatherings always bother me.  My dad gave a nice little speech about family, I wasn't buying it.  (Sidenote: I'm never moving.  My couzo came back from FLA and he's totally a metro now.  Hahahaha.  He could have been in a boy band.)  Anyway, I could go on, but whatever.  It's always the same story.  You know the drill.  Friday was fun, Mullen's/Morseland, but as usual, people got upset, too much drinking going on.  I'm really not too sure how to handle certain situations, but I have to tell you, I'm getting tired of being the one to "handle" them.  I'm tired of being the leader, the responsible one.  Again, I'm rambling about the same shit, point being, it may be time to make some changes.

Fuck the bullshit.

Whatever, I hope you guys had a Merry Christmas, well, most of you, heh.  I'll leave you with the lyrics to my favorite Christmas song...

And it's me, the man with no personality
Burning down your Christmas tree
Blowing up bombs in the shopping mall
Mistletoe is going to fall
Taking shots with the caroling crowd
Stupid song sung way too loud
And they're getting dumber all the time
I really don't see why she'd spare your friends
since I can't say that I care
if I ever see them again
You say shopping spree
I say killing spree
And I can think of Christmas past
Like the Christmas before last
Cousins, uncles, aunts
And how can I forgot or care
that all I get is Underwear
I'd like to beat you on the head
with that old Yule log
Giving an ungrateful gift gives you a glow
Something to burn away the freezing snow
If you just let me
and I'll be glad to tear your Frosty down
I think Christmas really sucks
I think Christmas really sucks
I really don't see why she'd spare your friends
cause I can't say that I care
if I ever see them again
You'll be sorry
That you ever lied to me about Santa Claus

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