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Fuck.  I shouldn't be in a bad mood.  I haven't been to work in a week, the holidays went as well as could be expected, and tomorrow is New Year's.  I guess part of it is that irrational fear of mine, that self-fulfilling prophecy bullshit I always pull, where nothing is ever as good as I build it up to be.  I've been trying not to do this for the Double Door show, but I guess I've failed.  It's also going to be D's and Mel's first time so I hope they aren't disappointed.  Then trying to make plans with these people for before, or after the show is like pulling teeth.  Eh, I was just on the phone for like half an hour.  Now I'm not even in the mood to rant and rave.  That Iced Out shit is pissing me off though.  I ordered the two glasses on the 11th and I called and emailed about the broken one and I'm only NOW getting a response, and that response is that I need to send back the item.  WTF?  It's going to cost me money to send it back and time, and I wanted the glasses for Christmas.  I'm probably just going to fuck it and not send it back or shatter it into pieces and send it back in an envelope.  Fuckin' people.  Ugh.  I'll try to post more tomorrow.  I think one of my resolutions is that I quit. 


Like homer says...Trying is the first step towards failing.

PS-for example-dating, hollering at the ladies, what's the point, see what I mean I quit.

pps-oh yeah I finally called Sylvia today, turns out she got engaged on Christmas Eve.  The house, the career, the hubby, the kids, she's getting it all and she never even wanted it, heh.  whatta ya gonna do.

ppps-I know what I'm gonna do, drown my sorrows in the X-Box Live arcade.


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