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New Year's Day/Eve

I know I've been putting this off but I've got to get it in here. Of course I hear the 360 calling me, but killing Nazis can wait. Anyway, where do I begin. As far as how I spent my Winter Vacation, well I watched hella movies, (King Kong, Syriana, Hostel, and countless at home) went out a couple of times, watched a lot of football, slept in late, played 360 and caught up with a little bit of paperwork. All in all, not exactly what I had planned, but whatta ya gonna do.

So, New Year's Eve, the H show. Actually this story starts off a week or two before. I, being the nice guy that I am, agreed to get everyone tickets for the show so that they could save some duckets and at the same I could screw Ticketbastard out of a few bucks. Needless to say it took me a while to venture into Wicker Park. The first attempt was thwarted by a CASH ONLY policy and a very uncooperative ATM machine. My second attempt proved fruitful but I unfortunately sprained the hell out of my right ankle. That's both this year for those of you keeping count, damn ice. I got the tickets, all nine of them, and one for Suffrajett but there was no way I was going to make it to the show on a broken wheel and make it to work the next morning. That friday I more than made up for it though, we headed to Mullen's and had a few in honor of not having to work for umm...two weeks or so, heh. That was the 23rd Christmas Eve, Christmas, and the day after came and went. Mostly spent doing family stuff, cleaning up and the sort. I got some good presents, it was alright, I may have covered this before so I'll move on.

The days before the show were spent trying to get everyone to agree on plans. Like pulling teeth I tells ya, I'm not doing it next year, that's one of my resolutions, but more on that some other time. New Year's finally arrived and I jumped in a cab to Wicker Park. I guess everyone was going to meet across the street at the Blue Line. By everyone I mean Syd hittheskids and his friends, Jesse and his boys, Gracie bettydiamond, Jon the_mighty_twit, Steph stephicoke, Brent, Melissa, her boyfriend, (Jason?) a couple of my friends, Mel and D, and last but not least Stine not_a_sycophant.

So we shoot the shit for a while, have a few drinks, have a few laughs, and then head over to the Double Door. Jenny and Wade are still trying to make it but I guess there was an accident on the train or something of that nature which delayed them. Of course first thing through the door we get a few shots and start two fisting it. Inside it feels like prom or a reunion or something as everyone is there. Todd, Todd X, Jenny and Wade make it, Bela belasuperphaser, Jamie fritzcorner, Dave, Mike, Dewey live2cd and his girlfriend,(name?)and countless others I am sure I am forgetting. Goddamn, two things. One, I suck at remembering people's significant others apparently and two, this is way too much for journals that haven't friended me. But I digress, we all get in and as luck would have it, Wade brought us all a gift, wrapped no less. We open that fucker up and it's a bottle of everyone's favorite tasty libation, Buffalo Trace! Needless to say by the time Local H took the stage a few of us were a little intoxicated. Heh. It was all good. H played a covers set, which was interesting to say the least, the highlight had to be Drain You. Can't go wrong with a little Nirvana. However, it seemed to be a short set, some people were left a bit disappointed. As far as my friends were concerned they liked it, but I was just worried since it wasn't your "typical" H show. I had a blast though, The Tossers, one of the opening bands, kicked some serious arse.

The show ended and people went their separate ways, although the night wasn't over. I get outside before everyone, I'm a lil' tipsy, cold, and exhausted. While waiting for everyone to exit, I'm half-heartedly trying to hail a cab. This would prove to be a futile exercise on New Year's Eve. Silly me. Anyway, eventually Todd (X) and Brent make their way out. We all try to get a cab. I see Wade and Jenny leave, Dewey, a few others and yet we continue to wait. Minutes pass then an hour, Brent decides to walk it, we stop his initial attempt but he eventually disappears into the night. I see an old friend, Charlie from Stripping the Pistol, across the street and I cross over to say hey. Above this time Jesse, his boys and Stephanie are leaving. They come across the street and we're all thinking about something to do. Meanwhile some jackass is stopping traffic in the middle of Damen Avenue. I guess Jesse had enough of it because he runs into the street and spears the guy into a car. His boys rush after him, I look at Todd and all I say is "Fuck" as I join them. We pull Jesse off the guy and his boys run up. Nothing happens, a few "pleasantries" are exchanged and we head back, away from the incident and away from Jesse's truck. Heh. We start walking over to the pizza joint on the corner, it's name escapes me, while Steph apparently decides she's had enough and jumps on the "L". We get across the street after manuvering our way through the myriad of drunks, police officers, and assorted transients. I sit at a table full of ladies and don't say a word. The guys get in line for their pizza, all the while staring out the window at the circus outside. Cops keeping peace, drunken fools walking around, hustlers looking for their next mark. We eat, and then we jet. Jesse and his crew rides out, Todd and I continue on our "Quest for a Cab". Eventually we get one, cruise on over to Todd's and I then arrive home a little after four in the morning. Another successful New Year's Eve, mission accomplished.

The next day, after everyone was fully recovered, we end up meeting at Mullen's. Melissa, Todd, Wade, Jenny, Steph, Brent, Stine, Dewey and his girlfriend, Syd, Chris and I eventually settle down and have some food and a few drinks. It was nice to be able to sit and talk to everyone without it being so hectic. Not to mention sober. Of course a few pics were taken and a phone was lost. Todd's to be exact. We track it down to the cabbie that dropped him off and he agrees to leave it downtown for him. Problem solved. The night goes one and people start to leave. Since it didn't look like anyone was in it for the long haul I give Jenny and Wade a ride to their hotel and Todd a ride to his phone. Everything goes pretty smoothly, at the Ohio the guy was very weary of giving Todd his phone back. Like some other person was going to know who Todd was and where his phone was. Anyway, we cruise around for a while before ending up at the Wild Goose. We have a few beers and rape the jukebox. We download the shit out of it, Local H for everyone! At more than one point we started singing along, some of us more than others, heh. It was so awesome to be able to "nerd" out and just talk about H for a few hours without being looked at like I was freak. If anything these guys are as gay as I am when it comes to the H. Old v. New. Joe V. Brian. Ham Fisted V. All. It was great. We closed that fucker out. At some point we considered going to Zion but I couldn't find my damn map. It was way too late anyway. We called it a night, Brent crashed with Todd and I headed back to the RP.

I wasn't able to hook up with Todd the next day and eventually every one left town in the next day or so. I had a fuckin' awesome time, it's just what I needed. It's also pissing me off because I have to go back to work to the real world and because I know I probably won't see any of these fuckers for a while. Maybe that's part of it, the fact that we don't see each other all time. Maybe people just burn you out, you know? You take people around you for granted, you get sick of them even. I don't know, all I know is that it was a hell of time and that at least for a couple of days, maybe for only a few hours, people "got" me. They actually "get" me, I don't think too many people in the Chi do. Or maybe they're not tyring to "get" me anymore.

Oh well, until next time I guess. Again, Happy New Year's some links in case you've actually read all this shit, pictures and special features, etc. that go along with my little entry.

My photo journal circadian_shots
My H Gallery


That's all folks.
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