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I'm no angel

If I go to bed tonight and wake up to FOX News reporting how half the people in the world disappeared, my initial reaction would be to wonder when the other half would join them.

I didn't accomplish anything these last two weeks. I also managed to lose a ring that meant/means a lot to me. God knows where it is. Maybe I think I'll find it, or maybe I just don't care anymore but I'm dealing. Bored as usual, I've been clicking around and looking through people's LJs, their MySpaces, etc. It amazes that some of these idiots can even turn on a computer, let alone contribute their two cents to the intellectual collective wasteland known as the Internet. Judge people much Gil? I don't know, I'm not saying that my shit is any better, but at least I can fucking spell. Some of my 2006 resolutions involve the purging of my online persona, or something like that. As far as just deleting friends and contacts, dead weight, etc. Or maybe just changing Email addys, journals, shutting down the website, stop posting/visiting the boards, etc. My way of running away without actually going anywhere. Not only does this take up a lot of my time, it's kind of pointless. One of the only reasons to keep shit like this running is to keep in touch with people, but if you're not even getting that out of it, what's the point? My audience? I don't really have one. Friends? They don't really keep in touch this way, usually the real world is where I talk to my ever dwindling amount of friends. I don't know, don't mind me, I'm in a mood I guess.

Part of it is due to the fact that I have to go back to work, constantly surrounded by idiots. I'm not talking about the kids either, I honestly would probably be done with that place if it wasn't for the coaching. That's made it a little better, at least I'm not doing the same old thing, but it has made my days longer. Another part of it was that last night's shindig was a bit disappointing. Was it because not that many people showed up? Is it because I didn't come up? Maybe I just wasn't in the mood to hang out to begin with. I really am getting tired of "part-time" friends. Who needs them. I understand people are busy, that they have lives to live, I'm not expecting too much, but like I've said before the "hot and cold" shit really annoys. Pick a side, a lifestyle, whatever, and stick to it. I'm rambling. I don't know, it's part of my "Keepin' it Real in the '06" campaign. I'm still talking it over with my advisors though. Telling the truth could have consequences, not that I go around lying to everyone but we all have things we let go at work, or things we don't say to our friends, or things we keep to ourselves because it's just easier. Thing is, I'm getting tired of "making things easier". It seems that it only makes things easier for others. Whatever.

Oh yeah, I've got to stop meeting unavailable women. That sounds horrible, I know. I'm glad no one reads this thing, but yeah in 2006 I promise not to mess with married, engaged, dating, far away, bi, and generally insane women. Baby's mamas too. Yeah I know, I guess I'm an asshole. Way to umm leave the doors wide open there. Truth be told, a nice ass and a smile will make me forget about any of my moral and/or personal standards.

Shit, Boondocks are starting, I'll finish this at some other point.

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