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Man I'm exhausted.

These days are killing me. It's such a catch-22 though. The coaching and sponsoring of after school programs bring in a little bit more money and are actually fun. I'd probably be looking for another job if I wasn't doing the extra-cirricular stuff. It's also keeping me out of trouble and most likely getting me brownie points around the building. However, I'm also exhausted all the time. I wake up around 515, get to work around 630, and don't get home until after 7 most days. Of course this is only monday through friday but then I don't have anytime to do anything else. I'm usually just too tired, I eat dinner, jump on here or watch a little TV and then I have to do it all over again. I know, I know, that's life. Still though. I need to start writing again, but I feel as if that window's closed. I don't know. Where was I going with all this? Oh I guess I've got to decide about the rest of the year. I think I'm screwed regardless. The football team started lifting this week, I still have wrestling going on, and the ASM programs start in February. In addition to all that, the baseball coach wants to speak to me regarding that team. I've also got to get letters out to all my old schools and get transcripts sent downtown thanks to the NCLB act. No Child Left Behind, sorry I assume everyone knows what I am talking about. Not to mention that I've still got some things I need to work on and get some kind of plan going for the year. Resolutions? "Keepin' it Real in 2006?" Whatever. Like I said before. I've got to stop. Heh.

"Remember, killing strippers isn't funny, they're people too. Besides, they're already dead on the inside. Good night!"
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