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I get home way too late. Then it's just dinner, a little TV, lil' internet and then it's bedtime.

Norman was depressing me earlier, talking about how Bode Miller, Tiger Woods, etc. are older now and they can't perform at the levels they could when they were younger. Obvious, I know, but isn't 30 supposed to be your prime. Then on Madden Nation the other day, the older gamer said that a gamer's prime was early twenties. wTf? For video gaming?! I know it's kind of cliche and I'm not all that old, but I'm not going to handle it well, I can see that already.

One more day of practice, then city tourney on Saturday. Hopefully we'll have a champ or too, at the very least the season will be over.

For now.

Discipline, intestinal fortitude, deferred gratification. Norman was lecturing/coaching our kids about goals and how to be a success. Work hard, be an All-American like him. Three masters degrees. Achievement after achievement...

I'm just happy I spelled achievement right.
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