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What Time Is It?!

This is it, the tournament is tomorrow. We leave the school at six am. I need to get to bed but I'm anxious, excited, and happy. No matter what happens tomorrow, at the very least wrestling's over for a while. I'll have my afternoons back for a while.

In the meantime my brother's got this on:{5538883B-DA39-4F14-8524-CA51A4742831}


Okay time to get to bed. Wish me and the boys luck.

EDIT:PS-anyone know anything about rechargable batteries, for some reason these got super hot. I know not to mix them, and to either wait until fully discharged or not to wait depending on the type. I don't know, it's just that I got high voltage ones than I had originally but the chick at Best Buy (who knows me now, that's either sad or pretty cool depending on how you look at it) said it'd be okay. *shrugs shoulders*

EDIT 2:Link's not working. Try this one.

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