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my day

woke up at fiveish went to work drov ewith kids to Lane at 6ish.
Get there at 7ish
Wiegh in from 7ish to 8ish.
Wrassle from 9ish to 430ish. Take lots of pics.

We get one city champ, one runner up, a couple of 4th and 5th placers!

Hell yeah!

drop off kids.
go to Mullen's.
drink with coach.
get dropped a few blocks away around 11:30ish
walk to pizza place and get two slices.
walk home avoiding trouble
slip on ice patch in front o f house.
pizza and pop go flying, leg gets caught in fence.
escape fence
pick up food that is now garbage.
throw out
throw some salt on concrete
go inside
assess damage to camera, clothing, and myself in the morning.

how was your day?
Tags: drunk, wrestling
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