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where does the time go.

So yeah, I was a little tipsy last night. I bet it's a turn off to some people, they must think I'm a drunk. Anyway, I'm pretty exhausted. Football sucked today, which was fine, I wasn't too interested in the games anyway. Now I just hope the Bus gets his Super Bowl ring. Caught up on bills today, trolled around here for a while, finally beat Call of Duty. All in all a semi-productive day. I kept thinking it was Saturday since technically I worked yesterday.

I'm still working on umm..working on those resolutions. I should have resolved to actually think of them and write them all down. I'm going to have to start noting myself again. "Note to self:take more notes."

Where is everyone? That's one of the good things about being busy all the time, you don't have time to reflect. To think about what the hell is going on and where the hell everyone went.

It happens.


Well, back to work tomorrow. Have a good week guys.


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