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One of those days...

Fuck up wit all these rookie MCs
(whew!) smell like a bunch of pussy to me
Fuck Em!
Fuck 'em good fuck 'em long fuck 'em hard
Fuck who? Fuck 'em all
(yeah) like dat jus like dat
I'm on dat money train and the mac'll knock 'em off track
The quarterback well protected from the Warren Sapp
The young heart attack I spit dat cardiac
You can't see me baby boy you got dat catorax
I'm right here straight out the hood jus like an alley cat
Since everyone's a king where the fuckin' palace at
Me I got calus on my hand I can handle dat
Its no problem baby I so got 'em
Its just a victory lap baby I'm jus joggin'
And I ain't even out of breathe
the motherfuckin' best yet sorry for cursing

-Lil' Wayne

Work wasn't as bad as I expected, but I ran into people that I was kind of trying to avoid.  No real reason, just would have made my day a bit easier.  I spent most of it wandering the school all by my lonesome.  I'm just sitting here in the dark listening to music.  I don't feel like doing much of anything, just one of those days.  I have a lot on my mind and I'll write through it eventually.  It's fucked up, most people probably call someone, a friend, or go to therapy.  I end up here.  It doesn't help that no one wanted to ride today, I could use a drink or twenty.  Hell, just someone to shoot the shit with.  It's kind of been a lonely day. 

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