Gil (fenyx) wrote,


(On the bus in Indiana)

This is just a list so I can write my next entries

Tues 7th
Walked all day, we went thru GV
Times Square, McD's GV } Handballers,
woke up late, Manhattan, Rockafeller,
Dave Letterman, Radio City, NBC
Starbucks } comicbook store,

Wed 8th
Late again
Red Bank, Silent Bob & Jay's store
Trump Towers } Joe's aunt good food

Thurs 9th
Late again barely checked out on time
Mobster cabbie to Greyhound
Intrepid/Circle Line
Midtown Comix
Souvenir shop

Fri/Thurs trip home
My H.S. destroyed Ms. Pac Man
drug bust
psycho driver

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