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I'm going to get one of these, at least, but what the hell do I want to write? The things that plague my mind.

Y'know another thing that's been bugging me, I've been talking to this substitute teacher for a couple of weeks now. We seemed to be getting along but now she's asking about someone else. That hasn't happened to me since high school, it sucked back then too.

Whatever, on to more important things, what the hell do I write on the brick.

Gil was here. Lame.
Cubs baseball, booze, and sunshine, what else do you need? Eh.
Noriega Man, Cubs Fan. Hahahahaha. No.
Fenyx Rulz! Hell, no.

I'm going to have meditate on this subject, but first, let's see if I can get some painkillers from the doctor.

~Gilstar Runner
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