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Never love anything

More wisdom from Homer J. Simpson.  So, I was watching ER, which fuckin' rocked by the way, and I had this brilliant diatribe I was going to throw on here.  Of course, I've forgotten it.  I'm sure it was depressing and dark.  James Woods is the man though.  Earl and The Office were also good as usual.  Anyway, the doctors weren't able to do much for me, go figure.  One referred me to a "specialist" the other pretty much told me that there's nothing broken, it's a tendon that runs through the foot and that I've got to strengthen it.  Once it gets better of course.  He gave me a script for some painkillers, no vicodin unfortunately, and told me basically to tough it out.  The only other possibility is to cut out the tendon and that would only weaken my foot.  So yeah.  Did I ever mention I hate going to the doctor? 

Okay, I'll stop boring you now.  D's shindig is on Saturday.  I'm really not in a club mood.  I'll still go but everything seems to be disorganized at the moment.  No limo, I think he ran out of pluggers, and I'm not even sure who's going and when.  Another event also came up for Saturday, surprise, surprise.  Jeremy also plays on the tenth, when I'm supposed to be in DeKalb.  Eh. 

Anyone want to buy me this?

Thanks anyway.  So yeah, I'm coming to terms with a couple of things.  It's not fun, but you've got to grow up sometime.  I wish I could fast foward the next couple of months.  Or rewind the last 12 years, whichever.


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