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I'm surprised it doesn't bleed.
I bite it often, my tongue that is.
It's just not worth it sometimes, and people are very judgemental, they'll never look at you the same again, or put you into a box. A category.
I know I'm being vague but there's always drama flying around, whether it be on the boards, LJ, MySpace or the real world. I just find it easier to go with the flow. I'm not saying I back down, or that I'm passive aggressive, I hate that shit. However, I do believe that whole thing about keeping quiet if you've got nothing good to say...


Anyway. Stay on target. I've got to get ready for this little soiree tonight, I find it pathetically sad that I didn't get anyone to go with me. I just might drive into Lake Michigan instead of the club. Stay tuned.

Last thing, at least my morning/afternoon was pretty cool. I went to a city-wide coaches meeting the Cell. Yeah I know it's the Sox stadium but it was still cool as hell to be underneath it, in the media rooms, the tunnels, and the clubhouses. Autographed jerseys, letters from the fans, seats from the old Comiskey. We also got instruction from pros, a few clincs, there was a lot of good stuff. I actually learned a lot.

Arrgh, my phone's blowing up, I guess I better get ready since I'm supposed to be on the south side in an hour, good luck with that Gil.

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