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Decisions, decisions...

At least I got a lot accomplished today.  Post Office, sent back that crap to yet again.  Bank, finally got some funds.  Went to U Lucky Dawg, the former Fluky's.  Everything's the same just the name's different, didn't feel the same though.  Washed the car, eventhough it's snowing out now, idiot.  Went to the doc and cruised for a while.  It's nice to actually have time to run errands, not that I'll experience that again anytime soon.  The after school program starts up next week, that'll be twice a week, then I'll be lifting with the kids once a week, most likely thursdays, maybe I'll make it mondays, just to get it out of the way.  We'll see.  I also have to start working with this computer program for our playbook.  I sort of got promoted to the number three spot in the football program, whatever that means.  I know one coach is leaving and the others aren't in the building, just myself and the head coach.  Eh.  I do like working the team but the money is just not there, especially to be doing it year-round.  That's what I like about ASM it pays well, too bad it's only twice a week.  Maybe I should make a computer/power point type of presentation for recruiting, eh.  I can start recruiting/signing up people this week, I think there are a couple of hours in the budget for it.  Whatever.  I still have to finish my tests too.  Ugh.  I feel like I did a lot today but there's still so much more.  Taxes, call Columbia, ugh.  I'll stop while I'm ahead.

Of course what do I do when I do have a little free time?  I should be looking up the effects of meds or work stuff but I end up looking up the ingredients in Moutain Dew MDX.  I'm damaged, seriously.  

So yesterday, I saw her at work, it seemed like she went out of her way to see me.  For what it's worth.  Whatever.  Then later on in the day Jules called.  It was nice to get the call, I guess.  It's been so long since I've seen her, so long that I wonder if the friendship is even worth it anymore.  I wonder that about a few people these days.  Of course, on the surface, they're all worth it, but the maintenance is too much work.  It really shouldn't be.  Some things shouldn't bother me, but they do.  Did she really have to mention her date later on that night?

It's all good, her birthday's the 20th but I don't know if I'll see her this weekend.  The psuedo-reunion is also this weekend, but we'll see about that as well.  I'm still so depressed about the diasterous weekend I just had that I might just veg for the whole three days.  A date would be nice, maybe dinner and a show, that might get me out of this rut.  Might.

What's up with the new interface and ish, I bet this entry is going to be all over the place.  I don't know.  Oh the last things I'll mention regarding V-Day 2006, the only gifts I got this year were from a couple of students, my mom, and my sister.  It was nice and all but kind of sad, heh.  Speaking of bittersweet, today while I was waiting in the lobby at the doctor's I saw what I thought was an older couple at first but as they walked past me I overheard them in spanish...

"Cuando yo era nino tu me traieas al doctor y ahora yo te traigo a ti."

I'm paraphrasing (and possibly misspelling my espanol, hey I don't write it much), I thought I had it verbatim, it was either "when I was a kid, or when I was young you used to bring me to the doctor and now I bring you."  Turns out it was a father and her daughter.  They both looked old, but it was so sweet and one of those "moments".  Like I was looking into the future, I hope.  Or a moment of clarity or it was just a nice thing to see.  I don't know.  I guess I'm emo, and I keep proving it, heh.  Anyway, if you can, tell your parents you love them, I sure as hell won't because that's we roll around here, but they know it.  I hope.

Hmm...guess that's about it.  I'll catch y'all on the flip.


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