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Part II

LOL That reminded me of something, Jules left me a msg on my phone asking something about the day after Christmas, AKA The Revenge of Christmas or something, it was funny...anyway where was I?

I don't know I forget, that's what happens when you put movies on, you forget stuff. Forget to call people, to write, etc. Hmm...umm yeah. Thanks to the people who are actually reading this, it's starting to slowly snowball. (huhuhuhuh he said snowball) Actually getting some feedback so it's kinda cool. The only downside I've encountered so far is that I'm finding myself abandoning my real journal. Oh well, as long as I'm writing right?

Where the hell is everyone anyway? It seems like absolutely no one is on. People must be out and about, the nerve of some people actually having lives...hmmph.

Wow, I guess that's it for now, I know I was talking about the space/studio. I just feel outta place there sometimes. Maybe it's the age thing, maybe it's just that I haven't been around. The whole neighborhood sucks, for personal reasons. I don't know. It's really funny too though, I grew up on the other side of the "L", I literally spent my childhood about 100 yards aways from the studio, Lunt/Glenwood. The Heartland, friggin' Rogers Park. Life's funny sometimes. BTW for those of you not familiar "L" is short for Elevated Train. And BTW means by the way, btw.

Aight, guess that's it. G'nite one and all, I keep thinking tomorrow's sunday for some reason, was getting ready for last Bears game of season and everything. *wipes tear, sighs* Ok, Ok, good night.

Gilasaurus Rex

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