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I've been around about your hood i'm looking for you
Just to shine some light on my day 

Another three day weekend, gone, just like that.  At least I was somewhat productive today, well, when I wasn't out pitching quarters in 30 degree weather.  Who's ghetto?

Baby steps.  Filing, organizing, eventually I'll get to my taxes and everything else I need to do.  I hit up Best Buy, I had a couple of coupons so my brother bought a stylus and wireless mouse set, I got a new printer/copier/scanner.  I'll probably scan some old school pics for the next time I'm spacin'.  Yeah, that's what the cool kids are calling wasting your time on MySpace, spacin'.  

So yeah, I guess I haven't had much to write about lately, and even when I do, it's either bitchin' or moaning.  Hmm...let's see, the Olympics have been well, dull I guess.  Tonight was pretty cool though, that Italian team, in ice dancing I think, they weren't talking to each other since yesterday but they pulled it together in the end and gave a great performance.  That was pretty cool to watch.  What else?  Fam came over last night, it was good to see the couzos, hadn't seen them in a while.  ASM starts tomorrow, I'll be doing it for ten weeks.  More money, more problems.

Anyway, guess I should get to bed.  I've still got to finish those damn ASEP tests.  Ugh.  Oh Caesar, my brother for those of you not in the know, took the first part of the police exam yesterday.  Just like when I took it, I guess it was pretty easy.  Now lets see if he makes it to psych exam, heh.

Okay, well, umm I feel like I owe you a meme or something.

Remind me about that sometime.


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