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Mardi Gras

So the little things I bought everyone for V-day are now gone. The kicker is that half the people I got them for either didn't see them or didn't care. Eh, it's all good, I like supporting LJ whenever I can anyway since they're not getting anymore of my money as far as the actual journal is concerned. (Permanent accounts rule!)

Fuckin' life. All I wanted today is a Hurricane. I haven't had a drink in weeks, and I don't plan to until St. Patty's (btw-I redid my layout, colors, and icons in honor of San Patricio) but I really wanted to have at least one Hurricane today. However, I'm not much for drinking alone and my brother borrowed my car. I was at work too late to stop by Mullen's for a quick one, whatta ya gonna do. I was supposed to go see Common tonight at the House of Blues. My sister, her b/f and some of her friends are going, but I passed. Maybe I've outgrown concerts...

I hope not. I'll be back later.

Maybe, heh.

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